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Crispy Squirrel and Vimto Trifle is out now

Acclaimed chef Robert Owen Brown’s cookbook Crispy Squirrel and Vimto Trifle is out now

Crispy Squirrel and Vimto Trifle is a celebration of Robert Owen Brown’s genius as a chef. It is also an exploration of how his North Western roots have been central to how he thinks about – and cooks – food.

Admired by food critics such as Jay Rayner and fellow chefs of the calibre of Fergus Henderson, Robert Owen Brown not only knows all the correct preparations of tripe and how to present the perfect grouse, but is a chef of great finesse: pearl barley risotto with beetroot and Leagram’s curd cheese, anyone?

But whatever he cooks he does so from the heart, from the traditions he’s learnt and the techniques he’s acquired in his part of the world; the North West of England.

Now running his own events and catering company, and before then Executive Head Chef at The Mark Addy on the banks of the River Irwell on the Manchester/Salford border, Robert has previously worked in some of Manchester’s best-loved dining establishments, including The French at the Midland, Brasserie St Pierre, Reform, Lounge Ten, The Bridge and The Angel.

Crispy Squirrel and Vimto Trifle reflects all of Robert’s talents. It is a rich mixture of recipes together with a no-holds barred insight into the life of a chef – some of the anecdotes will make you laugh out loud.

Written by Neil Sowerby, and sumptuously photographed and designed by Joby Catto this is a practical yet beautiful and informative book. It is the perfect gift for the food lover.

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